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Here is all about mlima platform


Dedicated to provide ICT solutions for smallholder farmers to make their agricultural business more profitable


To become the leading knowledge base in Africa on agriculture that will realize excellent ICT solutions for the African market and establish a brand known for quality and efficiency.


The goal of the project is to increase smallholder incomes and achieve food security by facilitating farmers to access extension services, market information and financial opportunities through use of ICTs.

Services provided by mlima platform

Markets Information

Mlima platform provides its users with prices of different agricultural products in different markets around the country, also we provide information about available farmers harvest for buyers to be able to purchase them through our Online marketplace.

Online Farming

Mlima platform gives its users access to online extension services with updated information ,if you are a registered farmer you can access the information on your mobile phone through our ussd app *515#.

Financial Services

For cooperative that are using our online cooperative management system they can record all their financial transactions and get automatic generated financial reports in one place, also those documents can be used in their internal and external evaluation.

Partneship linkages

We link different people that uses our system either buyers and farmers or cooperatives with financial institutions, and some of our partners are linked to various of our users and stakeholders.

Different features of mlima platform




Extension services

Market information


Season opening

Harvest notification

Cooperative management system


Farmer's evaluation management

Farmer's profile management

Communication management

Stock management

Buyers management

finance and cash flow management

Online market place


Buy cooperative's published harvest

Place order


Online payment

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